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this is old, but still a good article.

...Although Strummer conceded that the album should have been limited to a double, he credits Jones for pushing the band further. “Jonesy was always on the button when it came to new things,” Strummer told Uncut magazine. “That stuff we made the week after he came back from Brooklyn with those Sugarhill records -- it all still rocks. This was 1980. And I’ve got to say the next year, when we played Bonds in New York, the Brooklyn audience bottled Grandmaster Flash off our stage. Now they’re all ‘hip hop wibbly wibbly wop, it don’t stop,’ with the funny handshakes and all that.”

"Listen, the bottom line on Sandinista is that you can dance all the way through it,” Jones said at the time. “The only thing is that you have to dance a certain way.”


you can read the rest of the article here.

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